Site Engineering Survey – Our Services

At Michael Gallie and Partners, we have been carrying out site engineering survey services for over 50 years to leading developers, architects, engineers, contractors, and project managers.

Our main site engineering surveys include the following services:

Site Verification Surveys

  • These type of surveys are carried out to check that the design or any construction process is going to fit the actual physical site measurements before commencing. These surveys are carried out using laser scanning to ensure full coverage and the deliverable can be provided in either 2D or 3D.

Installation of Primary Control & Level Datum’s

  • This type of survey is carried out at the outset of the project to ensure that all design and ongoing construction works will be accurately related to the project grid & datum by all stakeholders using it. All installed on-site primary & secondary control and level datums are also supplied in digital format so that all stakeholders have a digital record of our on-site works.

Office Based Desktop Grid Line & Datum Setting-Out Drawing

  • This type of service is office based and provides the design team with an independent check & verification on whether the supplied design CAD grid line & datum drawing has the correct coordinated information to be physically set-out on site before commencing.

On-Site Grid Line & Datum Setting-Out

  • This type of service involves either providing on-site physically marked grid lines and datum’s or providing the contractors on-site engineer with strategically located survey control accurately related back to the design grid and level datum for the purposes of carrying out their own setting-out requirements.

Structural Monitoring

  • This type of service involves structural monitoring site by placing sufficient survey targets and monitoring them for a designated period using highly accurate total stations. The monitoring results are supplied in a report format. The monitoring can be carried out continuously and automatic using multiple robotic total station instruments/movement sensors or manually at agreed monitoring durations with on-site surveyors.

Verticality Survey

  • This type of service involves laser scanning the area required and providing either a 2D or 3D deliverable showing the verticality of the object surveyed.

Lift Shaft Survey

  • This type of service involves laser scanning the lift shaft at each level and providing either a 2D or 3D deliverable showing the size & verticality measurements of the lift shaft.

Floor Flatness Survey

  • This type of service involves laser scanning the required floor area and providing either a 2D or 3D deliverable showing the floor flatness and/or deviation measurements of the area surveyed.

Michael Gallie & Partners are regulated by the RICS and have industry leading £10 million Professional Indemnity insurance cover.

If you need any advice on commissioning an engineering survey, please contact Sam Lloyd at Michael Gallie & Partners who will be happy to assist you in this matter.