3D Modelling – Our services

At Michael Gallie and Partners, we take the attitude that if we can measure it, then we can 3D model it. Our clients are now increasingly instructing our 3D modelling services over our traditional 2D deliverables.

We have been recording the built environment for over 50 years and have vast experience in providing 3D modelling services on high profile projects to a wide variety of clients in various outputs whether it be CAD or increasingly BIM formats. Whilst we can work with you to meet your specific project detail and budgetary requirements, our 3D modelling services fall broadly into 3 main categories, showing different levels of detail:

Low Level of Detail – 3D Mass models

  • These type of 3D models show the basic mass of a building as a simple block, or series of blocks. They accurately represent the main heights of the building. No architectural detail is shown.

Low to Medium Level of Detail – 3D Rights of Light style models

  • These type of 3D models show the mass of the building with all openings/apertures and roof shown in basic outline form. Major roof plant housing, cornices and cills are also shown in outline form.

Medium to High Level of Detail – 3D Detailed Architectural & MEP models

  • These type of 3D models can be commissioned to show as much or as little architectural detail as is required. Both internal and external detail can be included, and we can show varying levels of detail in different areas where required.

As with all of our survey products, we are happy to work with you at the costing stage to refine a solution that meets your scope and budgetary requirements. We can provide our bespoke BIM specification document at costing stage to assist you with making the correct decision on your required 3D model specification and level of detail required.

All 3D models can be related to OS grid and datum and all site data for our 3D modelling is collected using the latest laser scanners and the 3D models are created using the processed 3D point cloud. We can also supply the point cloud in any industry standard format as an addition to the 3D model.

Michael Gallie & Partners are regulated by the RICS and have industry leading £10 million Professional Indemnity insurance cover.

If you need any advice on commissioning a 3D model, please contact Sam Lloyd at Michael Gallie & Partners who will be happy to assist you in this matter.