When To Get An Area Reference Done?

At Michael Gallie & Partners, we advise floor area measurement to be carried out at the design stage, even before a tower crane starts to appear on-site and more importantly any legally binding contracts are signed with the client.


Why Early Area Measurement is the Contractor’s Best Friend

For many contractors, area referencing isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity. Be it for valuation, streamlining management, planning out logistics, or even prepping for a sale or acquisition – the significance is immense.


The Rationale Behind Early Commissioning of Reports

Why such a rush, you ask? It’s about minimising potential pitfalls and snags as soon as they loom on the horizon. By securing an independent measurement report early on, there’s the assurance that the design blueprints resonate with accuracy, fitting seamlessly into the contract’s stipulated measurement code.


Understanding the Perils of Delay

So, what’s lurking in the shadows for a contractor if the ground remains untouched? Picture a standard agreement: nestled within its clauses, there’s an expectation for the contractor to hand over precise floor size area plates upon the project’s culmination. These aren’t just arbitrary numbers. They’re rooted in the architect’s meticulous floor plans, adhering to the sacred measurement code.

Yet, imagine a twist. What if these floor plans missed the mark, deviating from the all-important measurement code? The aftermath? A contractor tethered to a pre-construction pact, committed to churning out floor spaces that, unfortunately, can’t transform into reality. While it might sound like a plot from a suspense novel, it’s a scenario that’s played out, more often than one might think, in the real-world construction arena.


The Best Defence: Proactive Preparation

So, how does one sidestep these potential contractual landmines? The game-changer is the pre-construction area reference measurement report. Make it your preliminary step before pen meets paper on any contract. And if you ever find yourself at crossroads, remember Sam Lloyd from Michael Gallie & Partners is just a call away, ever-ready to guide you through the maze of area measurement intricacies.



In the intricate dance of construction, where accuracy meets art, understanding and implementing area referencing early on can make the difference between a project’s success and pitfalls. By being proactive, contractors can ensure smooth sailing, free from the storms of miscalculations and potential legal entanglements.

Michael Gallie & Partners are regulated by the RICS and can provide you with the added assurance of having industry-leading £10 million Professional Indemnity insurance cover.



1. What is area referencing?

Area referencing involves accurate measurement of floor spaces, ensuring they adhere to specific codes or standards.

2. Why is early measurement crucial in construction?

Early measurement ensures accuracy from the design phase, helping avoid costly mistakes and contract breaches later on.

3. How does area referencing tie into contracts?

Contracts often have clauses guaranteeing specific floor sizes; accurate area referencing ensures these clauses are met, preventing potential penalties.

4. Are deviations from the measurement code common in construction?

While not the norm, discrepancies can occur. Hence, the emphasis on proactive area referencing to mitigate risks.

5. Who can I approach for expert advice on area referencing?

Professionals like Sam Lloyd at Michael Gallie & Partners specialise in this field and can offer valuable insights and assistance.