Navigate Property Ownership With Land Registry Title Plans

A title plan is a plan based on Ordnance Survey mapping that shows the boundary of the area of land in a registered estate. It graphically shows information that is contained within the property register and must be viewed in conjunction with the register document. The property register is a written description of the registered estate. There are three elements of a registered title; these are (1) The property register, (2) the title plan and (3) any other documents referred to in the register and filed at HM Land Registry. The property register is covered under rule 5 of the Land Registration Rules 2003.


Land Registry Title Plan – Your Guide To Clear Property Boundaries

We understand the significance of clear and accurate Land Registry Title Plans. These documents offer a graphical representation of property boundaries and highlight any potential land rights or restrictions. Let us guide you through the complexities, offering clarity and peace of mind.

Land Registry Title Plans are indispensable tools in understanding property ownership boundaries and restrictions. We help you navigate the world of property ownership with confidence and clarity.


The primary service Michael Gallie and Partners can provide relating to title plans is to assist clients in realising their boundary in the real world through accurate survey. This may be necessary in for the purposes of planning future site development or as part of a boundary dispute. This process will involve a Chartered Surveyor and the expert team at Michael Gallie and Partners carrying out a site survey using the latest survey equipment to produce an accurate topographic survey detailing all the surface features of the site that are of significance to the boundary. We can then analyse the title plan and property register to overlay the red edging onto our topographic survey. Should this service be of interest, or you wish to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact us at



  1. What is a Land Registry Title Plan?

A Land Registry Title Plan is an official document that provides a graphical representation of the boundaries of a property. It offers valuable details about the property’s extent and any potential rights or restrictions related to it.

  1. Why is a Land Registry Title Plan important?

A Land Registry Title Plan is a crucial document when buying, selling, or developing a property. It provides clear information about property boundaries, ensuring all parties are fully informed about the extent of the property.

  1. How do we help with Land Registry Title Plans?

We offer expert support in interpreting Land Registry Title Plans. Our team helps you understand the specifics of your property boundaries, any land rights or restrictions, and potential implications for property transactions.

  1. Can I obtain a Land Registry Title Plan for any property?

Yes, Land Registry Title Plans are available for all registered properties. They are a part of the public record and can be obtained to clarify property boundaries and rights.

  1. What kind of information does a Land Registry Title Plan contain?

A Land Registry Title Plan includes the property’s geographical boundaries, scale of measurement and any easements or restrictions related to the land. This information is crucial in property transactions and planning developments.