Topographic Survey – What can Michael Gallie & Partners Provide?

At Michael Gallie and Partners, we can provide topographic survey services for any site, no matter how small or large. Over our long history of providing professional survey services, we have completed numerous topographic surveys that range in size from small, individual properties to large city mapping projects. We can provide topographic surveys in 2D or 3D CAD and also as a BIM compliant Revit.

Our clients may require a topographic survey for a variety reasons; including highways design and planning, architectural design and construction, master planning, and title mapping.


What detail can be shown on a topographic survey?

At Michael Gallie and Partners, we work with our clients at the tendering stage to ensure we are going to provide a deliverable that meets both scope and budgetary requirements. We will work with you to provide a bespoke survey tailored to your requirements. We can provide simple outline topographic surveys detailing just building footprints, kerb lines and levels, through to BIM compliant Revit models of topographic detail, showing all hard and soft landscape details. Typical features that can be detailed in topographic surveys include:

  • Building footprints.
  • Kerb lines, including kerb drops.
  • Street furniture, including lamp posts, benches, traffic barriers, bollards, post boxes, phone/internet boxes, traffic lights, traffic signs, bus stops, public sculptures, and waste receptacles.
  • Surface finishes, changes in surface and trench scars.
  • Service covers and manholes.
  • Trees (with species, spread, girth and height noted) and vegetation.
  • Levels related to OS datum to detail the significant height changes. These can be provided at any grid intervals required.
  • Contours.
  • Road markings.
  • Boundary markers.


Our topographic surveys can be supplemented with underground utility and CCTV surveys. We can also incorporate land registry mapping or design information, such as pedestrian zoning areas, into topographic surveys.


Michael Gallie & Partners are regulated by the RICS and have industry leading £10 million Professional Indemnity insurance cover.

If you need any advice on commissioning a topographic survey, please contact Sam Lloyd at Michael Gallie & Partners who will be happy to assist you in this matter.