Laser Scanning & Photogrammetry

Laser Scanning & Photogrammetry Services: Enhance Accuracy and Efficiency

Are you looking for cutting-edge laser scanning and photogrammetry services? Look no further! At Michael Gallie, we offer advanced solutions that revolutionize data capture and modelling. With our expertise in the field, we harness the power of laser scanning and photogrammetry to deliver unrivalled accuracy and efficiency for your projects.

Our laser scanning services employ state-of-the-art technology, capturing intricate details with utmost accuracy. By utilizing high-intensity laser beams, we accurately measure and document objects, environments, and structures. From industrial facilities to archaeological sites, our scanning solutions provide a comprehensive representation of the physical world.

Photogrammetry, another key aspect of our services, combines photography and measurement techniques to create detailed 3D models. Our team of experts employs advanced software and algorithms to extract accurate measurements from images. By analysing overlapping images, we reconstruct objects and environments with unparalleled accuracy, offering a valuable resource for architects, engineers, and researchers.

At Michael Gallie, we take pride in delivering laser scanning and photogrammetry services that set new industry standards. Our cutting-edge technology, coupled with the expertise of our skilled professionals, ensures superior quality and efficiency in every project. Join numerous satisfied clients who have experienced the transformative power of our services. Contact us today to take advantage of our laser scanning and photogrammetry solutions.



All our surveys are carried out using laser scanning as the primary data collection source to ensure complete coverage and accuracy.

All our laser scanning surveys are carried out in accordance with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) specification.


How does laser scanning benefit my project?

Laser scanning is a game-changer for project accuracy and efficiency. By utilising high-intensity laser beams, it captures detailed measurements and data with exceptional accuracy. This advanced technology enables you to document and analyse objects, environments, and structures in a comprehensive and reliable manner. The accurate documentation obtained through laser scanning empowers you to make informed decisions, detect potential issues, and streamline your project workflow. Whether you’re working on architectural design, construction, or even archaeological research, laser scanning ensures your project reaches new heights of accuracy and efficiency.

Can laser scanning be used for large-scale environments?

Laser scanning is highly adaptable and suitable for projects of any scale. Whether you need to capture intricate details of a small object or map vast landscapes, laser scanning is up to the task. With its non-intrusive approach and rapid data collection capabilities, it provides a comprehensive solution for large-scale environments. By creating highly detailed and accurate 3D models, laser scanning allows you to analyse and visualise your project with unparalleled accuracy, benefiting industries such as infrastructure development, land surveying, and environmental monitoring.

What industries can benefit from photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry has wide-ranging applications across various industries. Architects and engineers can leverage photogrammetry to create detailed 3D models for design and visualisation purposes. In the construction industry, photogrammetry aids in site analysis, progress monitoring, and quality control. Archaeologists and cultural heritage experts use photogrammetry to document and preserve historical sites and artefacts. Manufacturers can benefit from photogrammetry for product design and prototyping. Additionally, industries such as virtual reality and entertainment find photogrammetry invaluable for creating immersive experiences. Regardless of your field, photogrammetry opens doors to enhanced accuracy, improved planning, and efficient decision-making.

Are laser scanning and photogrammetry cost-effective?

While the costs of laser scanning and photogrammetry services may vary based on project complexity and scale, they offer substantial long-term cost savings. The accurate and comprehensive data captured through laser scanning and photogrammetry significantly reduces the likelihood of errors and rework during the project lifecycle. By minimising these costly setbacks, you can optimize resource allocation, save time, and enhance overall project efficiency. Moreover, the insights gained from accurate documentation and analysis empower you to make informed decisions, avoiding costly mistakes and maximising project outcomes. Laser scanning and photogrammetry are investments that yield long-term benefits for your projects and your bottom line.

Can I integrate laser scanning and photogrammetry into my existing workflow?

Michael Gallie’s laser scanning and photogrammetry services are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow. We understand the importance of compatibility and ease of implementation. Our team delivers high-quality deliverables that are compatible with popular software platforms, making integration hassle-free. Whether you use industry-standard design software, GIS applications, or BIM platforms, our data formats are readily compatible. This allows you to incorporate the outputs of laser scanning and photogrammetry seamlessly into your project workflows, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.