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CAD Models – Services We Provide

At Michael Gallie & Partners, innovation lies at the heart of our operations. We believe …

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Point Cloud To BIM – The Process

Michael Gallie & Partners have over 50 years of expertise in carrying out measured building …

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What Floor Plan Drawing Scale Should I Ask For?

Our clients may require a floor plan drawing for multiple reasons; it may be required …

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BIM Compliance – Where are we with BIM Standards?

The Rise and Integration of BIM in Modern Construction

The Government’s 2016 mandate for all …

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IPMS Measurement

International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS) is an initiative to agree to international standards for the …

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What Elevation Drawing Scale Should I Commission?

Our clients may require an elevation drawing for multiple reasons; it may be required for …

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What Should You Consider When Commissioning a Point Cloud Survey?

Crafting Perfect Point Cloud Deliverables

The emergence of Point Cloud Surveys is shaping the future …

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When To Get An Area Reference Done?

Why Early Area Measurement is the Contractor’s Best Friend

For many contractors, area referencing isn’t …

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Measured Building Survey – Client Deliverable Trends

At Michael Gallie, we have seen a growing trend towards using 3D measured building surveys

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Building Information Modelling – What Level of Detail Should I Commission?

Why Building Information Modelling Detail Matters

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has swiftly become an invaluable …